The newstech ETX Studio puts its press agency expertise (strategic, editorial and technological) at the service of its clients' transformation.

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Relaxnews becomes “ETX STUDIO”, leader of the Editorial Transformative Xperience. Co-founder & CEO Jérôme Doncieux becomes the major shareholder of the newstech “ETX STUDIO” and Habert Dassault Finances strengthens its capital participation. With voice being at the heart of the “Editorial Transformative Xperience”, journalist Laurent Guimier joins “ETX STUDIO” as “VP Chief Content Officer”.

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ETX Studio : Your Editorializer & Your Transformer

Jérôme Doncieux - Co-fondateur & CEO
ETX CEO Jerome Doncieux

ETX Studio (ex-Relaxnews) is a news agency which was founded by my brother Pierre and then strongly developed together with the initial help of Laurent Boissel. ETX Studio was the “Newstech” of Publicis Groupe, since its acquisition in May 2015. By putting its expertise - strategic, editorial and technological - as a news agency at the service of its clients’ leadership, ETX Studio is not only “your editorializer” but also “your transformer”.

“Your editorializer” thanks to a unique chemistry between a talented editorial staff, a pioneering technology, bold marketing, fantastic transversal teams, a major strategic partnership with AFP and an incredible state of mind: the purple touch. Not to mention modesty :)

“Your transformer” because that’s how we define our mission. Transforming the traditional news agency feed into a unique platform combining data, content and services already adopted by customers worldwide.

Transforming a brand’s relationship with journalists and influencers by launching The Citroënist, a world first. Turning risks into opportunities when ELLE decided to expand its production to regions in order to defend its tricolor strategic stronghold potentially threatened by the arrival of an Italian competitor. Transforming a condemned magazine (Marie France) into one of the few growing monthly magazines thanks to the quality of its content and the strategic and organizational audacity of Reworld Médias. Transforming Renault’s user experience and even its business model with the AEX (Augmented Editorial Experience) platform, which aims to be the leading content and mobility solution.

“Editorialize” and “Transform” by being “smart”, “fast” and “reliable” because we value the quality, veracity, reactivity and impact of information. We do this by being proud to belong to the Syndicat des Agences de Presse d’Information Générale (Union of General Information Press Agencies) (SAPIG), of which I am one of the General Secretaries.

We are happy to have as a deontologist Denis Jeambar, an independent and respected figure who honours us with his advice.

We are enthusiastic about writing a new chapter in media history. We’re also thrilled about the idea of promoting a French company worldwide thanks to Renault, Publicis, Habert Dassault Finances, Pierre Doncieux and a remarkable team of which I am proud to be the leader.

ETX Studio Permaculture

"+on mélange +ça pousse" (the more we mix, the more it grows) with Nadège Andrisse, Mathieu Bully, Matthieu Weider, Litale Kahn, Laurent Guimier, Catherine Krokos Leroy and the entire ETX Studio team, we are writing this new page as we are more than ever inspired by permaculture. We believe in the virtues of mixing talents, perspectives, cultures and minds to continue to do great things together.

You’re a client, a partner or a potential talent who also wants to do great things? Welcome!

My Editorializer Standard

Want to manage all your editorial needs?

Discover My Editorializer, the best editorial platform. A ready-to-use tool, providing you with trend data, AFP & ETX stories, the newsflow from 30,000 worldwide aggregated sources and 1,000 key dates (including sports, gastronomy, fashion, economy, tourism, culture…) with their media coverage.

Editorial Customided

My Editorializer - Customized

Our teams of developers and data analysts can set up your own personalized content platform: your topics, your content, your sources and colors...

Use it as a brand newsroom, as an internal communication tool, as a content hub to feed all your channels...

Success Story

Newsbrand "world premiere", The Citroënist editorializer was presented at the Club des Annonceurs as an inspiring case. The platform powered by Relaxnews aims to reinvent the relationship between the Citroën brand and journalists & influencers.

« We produce editorial platforms,
we also offer customized services : on demand strategies,
magazines, articles, videos, or anything else you might need »

Editorial strategy

Our journalistic know-how combined with our ongoing collaboration with leading media outlets has allowed us to develop a strong expertise in online and offline editorial strategies: magazine and webzine design, content restructuration, brand content projects, digital shifts and more.

We organize events, workshops and training sessions to provide our clients with an array of strategic tools.

alliance renault nissan mitsubishi
Agence Varenne immobilier

Editorial production

Our in-house team of journalists can create unique bespoke content (text, images, videos, infographics, ideographics, cartoons, etc) on any topic and for any support (print, web, mobile, digital signage...).

Call on us whether you need to outsource your production on a regular basis or for a special issue. We handle local projects as well as national and international ones.

jean paul gautier
ma vie en couleur
ETX Studio produit BIBA Magazine
ETX Studio Mariefrance
Editorial production

Editorial Talents

We can put together a team of content experts (recruitment, training and management of journalists, community managers, web designers, video editors, etc.) exclusively dedicated to your needs in order to boost your content production and help you save time.

We can also manage your social media presence, from editorial strategy to content writing, publication and data reports.

régie editoriale ETX Studio pour Bouyges Télécom
france tv
Editorial production

About us

We are a news agency. We are members of the Online News Association (ONA), the International Press and Telecom Council (IPTC) and the Fédération Française des Agences de Presse (FFAP).

We have an ongoing, strategic global partnership with Agence France Presse (AFP). We proudly serve over 200 clients (media outlets, brands, institution) from around the world. Global market leaders trust ETX Studio.