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Watch ETX Studio & AFP "RevoluSOUND webinar: Why am I switching to audio augmentation?" with testimonies from La Tribune & Telecoming. Many insights on trends & use cases about audio.

Thanks to ETX Daily Up, the first 100% audio augmented news platform launched in partnership with AFP & Microsoft. Transform content into audio or video, in several languages and accents. A unique solution to amplify the impact of your communication and attract new audiences wherever they are.

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Welcome to ETX Studio

ETX stands for Editorial Transformative Xperience.


Because we believe in the combined power of strategy, content, talent and technology to transform media, brands and even society. That's what we're all about.

Because we believe in the need for radical transformation, especially in the post-traumatic economic and social context of COVID.

Because in the age of the smartphone, we believe that content must be ubiquitous and therefore accessible anywhere and anytime. Including in mobile situations. That's why we develop transformational experiences through audio content enhancement.

Transformative Xperience

Because we produce transformative editorial experiences that meet your business objectives and the needs of your audiences. Content is no longer a cost factor but becomes a lever for value creation.

Perma transformative Xperience

Because our philosophy is inspired by Permaculture, a system that can be summed up in one formula - "the better you mix, the better it grows". We apply it to the transformation of companies, condemned to do better with less in this new post-Covid era. Hence our central principle of action: #BetterDifferentlyLess

Because our organisation, methodology and premises reflect this permaculture influence.

We do not believe in Santa Claus but in "perma capitalism" in whose name a very large part of the team is a shareholder of ETX. Just as the EPIC Foundation has 1% of the capital.

Try the Xperience #BetterDifferentlyLess

ETX Studio


Editorial Transformative Xperience

ETX STUDIO develops for its customers - media and brands - experiences of transformation by a new category of contents called "infra-ordinary" and audio-augmented in order to allow them to be part of the Revolu-SOUND of the 3rd Internet.

At the forefront of innovation, of platforms and the connected economy, ETX STUDIO's offer ranges from consulting and content production to editorial outsourcing and technology (AI infusion, synthetic voice, automatic content generation, data-driven personalisation...).

Because in the age of the smartphone, we believe that content must be ubiquitous and therefore accessible everywhere and all the time. Including in mobile situations. That's why we develop experiences of transformation through audio content enhancement.

ETX STUDIO capitalizes on its editorial and technological know-how in the development of content experiences in mobile situations and on its perfect mastery of a triple singularity - contextual (duration and nature of the journey), editorial (augmented content) and philosophical (ethics) - which concerns companies as well as brands and media.

ETX Studio launches its "Perma Collectif" at the service of the transformation of companies in search of positive impact. 

ETX Studio, La Tribune and Merci Raymond will launch the "Perma Collectif" on August, 28th, to adapt the philosophy of permaculture to the transformation needs of brands, companies and institutions.

Paris Modes Insider

Paris Modes TV becomes Paris Modes Insider, the first source of video information from the world of fashion and luxury for Refreshers.

ETX Daily Up

Want to manage all your editorial needs?

Discover ETX Daily Up, the best editorial platform. A ready-to-use tool providing you with trend insights, AFP & ETX stories (including sports, food, fashion, environment, tourism, culture, health…) to live #BetterDifferentlywithLess. And with an easy-to-use studio to convert your own text into audio / video in +10 languages and voices. Make way for the RevoluSOUND!

Editorial Customided

A Customized Platform

Our teams of developers and data analysts can set up your own personalized content platform: your topics, your content, your sources and colors...

Use it as a brand newsroom, as an internal communication tool, as a content hub to feed all your channels...

Success Story

Newsbrand "world premiere", The Citroënist editorializer was presented at the Club des Annonceurs as an inspiring case. The platform powered by Relaxnews aims to reinvent the relationship between the Citroën brand and journalists & influencers.

« We produce editorial platforms,
we also offer customized services : on demand strategies,
magazines, articles, videos, or anything else you might need »

Editorial strategy

Our journalistic know-how combined with our ongoing collaboration with leading media outlets has allowed us to develop a strong expertise in online and offline editorial strategies: magazine and webzine design, content restructuration, brand content projects, digital shifts and more.

We organize events, workshops and training sessions to provide our clients with an array of strategic tools.

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Agence Varenne immobilier

Editorial production

Our in-house team of journalists can create unique bespoke content (text, images, videos, infographics, ideographics, cartoons, etc) on any topic and for any support (print, web, mobile, digital signage...).

Call on us whether you need to outsource your production on a regular basis or for a special issue. We handle local projects as well as national and international ones.

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ETX Studio produit BIBA Magazine
ETX Studio Mariefrance
Editorial production

Editorial Talents

We can put together a team of content experts (recruitment, training and management of journalists, community managers, web designers, video editors, etc.) exclusively dedicated to your needs in order to boost your content production and help you save time.

We can also manage your social media presence, from editorial strategy to content writing, publication and data reports.

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Editorial production

About ETX Studio

ETX Studio is a press agency founded in 2000 (ex-Relaxnews) that intends to become the leader of the "Editorial Transformative Xperience". The teams - made up of journalists, strategists, creative producers and digital technologists - provide media and brands with a full-service offering combining strategic consulting, content production, editorial outsourcing and innovative technologies. ETX Studio has as references the biggest brands and media - Aéroport de Paris, Elle, Marie France, L'Express, Renault, Citroën, BNP PARIBAS... - with whom the agency promotes strategic, editorial and technological innovation.

ETX Studio has been a partner of AFP since 2004 and is a member of the French Federation of Press Agencies, IPTC and ONA in the USA.

The company is chaired by Jérôme Doncieux, and Cécilia Gabizon was appointed VP Chief Content Officer in July 2020.